Can the LG G6 Contest Samsung’s Galaxy S8? – Review

Can the LG G6 Contest Samsung's Galaxy S8? – Review

The world of smartphones is always on the run, every now and then we come across better, efficient and smarter phones. It seems that these phones have replaced a number of things in our lives; they have enhanced and improved different aspects of our lives.

There are numerous mobile manufacturers Compare Mobile Phones, that tend to display their ideas before the phone actually hits the market, you can check out Samsung to showcase their fordable smartphone at MWC. However, in the course of this blog, we will be talking about the new amazing and extremely simple LG G6. This is going to be another one of LG’s masterpieces or at least we hope it to be.

We understand how difficult it is to stand out in the world of smartphones due to immense competition, but it seems that LG has done it again. The company is known for thinking on their feet. They understand the market pressure, the competition and they have never failed to live up to the challenge.

It is always trying and implementing new ideas in order to come up with something out of the box. LG was the first company to introduce curved screens, just last year the firm came up with the idea of a magic slot, that allows you to plug in a number of accessories including speakers and cameras.  Despite the fact that this phone didn’t have the expected turn out, LG didn’t lose heart.

This time they have come back with a bang, their new LG G6 is going to be one of their best smartphones. The phone has the ability to make an excellent first impression. It has a huge screen of 6.7 inches and the display takes up almost the entire screen’s front.

It is packed with quality hardware, so you aren’t going to have trouble in that aspect of the phone. The two 12-megapixel cameras at the back of the phone are enough to beat big phones like iPhone 7 or Samsung S7 Smartphone. The camera also offers a wider angle as compared to many other phones.


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