iPhone 8: 4 Most Thrilling Features We Need to look forward too…


All the iOS users are hoping that Apple is able to come up with something beyond this world with iPhone 8. We are not sure if they will be able to come up with something that amazing, but they did manage to come up with some, if not extraordinary, but excellent features. These features are bound to enhance your Apple iPhone 8 experience.




After having the same design for a couple of years, iPhone users will finally be able to breathe this year. According to our sources, Apple iPhone 8 is going to have a completely different design as compared to its previous phones. The phone is not going to have a home button, and the display is dominating the entire front of the screen.




The phone is going to shift from LCD to OLED, this will enhance your screen experience. Also, the phone’s display is expected to have curves on the edges.




Besides the all-new Touch ID scanner, iPhone 8 is also going to have a facial recognition system. How cool is that your phone will open up the moment you bring it in front of your face. We hope this facial recognition system is better as compared to the one Samsung is incorporating in their upcoming phones. See Samsung Security Slip-Up, Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 using the picture of the owner.




We have been hearing this for quite some time, Apple has finally decided to adopt wireless charging in iPhone 8. This is perhaps the most exciting feature for me. I really like to have a phone that charges wireless.

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