Top 4 Tricks of Samsung Galaxy A5


Time and again Samsung Galaxy Smartphone has come up with something amazing, yet affordable. Their new Galaxy A-series is an excellent line of phones. These phones offer the features and specs of every high-end phone, however, they are pretty affordable. People who own one of these masterpieces, we can bet they do not know about these top 5 tricks of Samsung galaxy A5.

SOS Messages:

If you are feeling down, or in trouble and you are unable to type or make a call, you can always activate this feature. It allows you to send a message alert to your desired contacts informing them that you are in distress.

All you have to do is enable this feature from the Settings, select the contacts that should receive the message and select the message. Once activated, now all you have to do is press the power button thrice in a row to send the alert. The message will be sent along with your location to that particular person.

Easy-use for Physically Challenged:

Samsung is working on making a phone for everyone, they have incorporated a number of features in A5, making a phone user-friendly even for the people who are physically challenged.

The Ultra Energy Saving Mode:

The battery has always been a problem in smartphones, but Samsung A5 comes with outstanding battery saving mode. The best part is that you are allowed to customize this ultra-energy-saving mode i.e. you are the one who decides which particular app should run in the background and which should be closed completely.

Vibration System for Notification:

A5 might not have the typical LED notification feature, but the phone comes with something better. The smart alert is a feature that causes your phone to vibrate when you pick it up and there is a text message or a missed call alert.

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