Top 5 Key Tips for Refurbished iPhone 6


iPhone 6 was said to be another masterpiece by Apple. The phone had everything, starting from class till speed and efficiency. It comes a complete package, its 1.4GHz processor, and 1GB RAM made the phone a fast device. The 8-megapixel camera allowed users to capture some really awesome moments to perfection.

The 4.7-inch display screen with high resolution was like a cherry on top of the cake. Everything about the phone is perfect and the best part is that it came with a number of new features. We will be telling you about top 5 useful tips for refurbished iPhone 6.

Creating a Medical ID:

With the introduction of iOS 8, people also became acquainted with the new Apple Health App. Although it is a complex app, but it does allow you to chart various metrics regarding your physical health. It is also an excellent medium to let others know about your health history in case of emergency. Creating a medical id permit you to access the emergency function located iPhone 6 locked screen.

To create ID, open the app, look at the lower right corner, you will be able to see “Medical ID” option. Tap on it and then enter the information that you want to access when your phone is locked. You can add things line emergency contact number, blood type, medications, allergies etc. Once this is all finished, tap on Done.

Capturing Smoother Videos:

You can use your iPhone 6 to make some amazing videos especially when you enable the 60 frames per second option. Doubling the FRP really makes a big difference in making videos. Your video would be upgraded from 30 directly to 60 and you will be able to see the mark different. To activate this awesome feature, you need to go to Settings and from there tap on Photos and camera option, lastly, toggle the Record Video at 60 FPs option to on.

Capture Slow Motion Videos:

iPhone 6 introduced the slow-motion feature in iPhones. You can easily use this feature. All you have to do is open the Camera app and then select the SLO-MO option. The option will be present at the bottom of the screen in the sliding wheel. Once done, then you can choose between 120 and 240 FRP.

Instantly Replying or Sending a Voice Message:

Sending a voice message was a complicated task with previous iPhone, but with refurbished iPhone 6 it has become a piece of cake. To record a message tap and hold the microphone icon that is located on the right side of the text field. Once you are done, swipe upwards and the message is sent.

Change Siri Pronunciation:

Apple now lets you change the way how Siri pronounces certain things. When Siri pronounces something wrong just say “That’s not how you pronounce that”. The Siri will then ask you for the correct pronunciation and give you a list of viable pronunciation option to select one. Choose the one you find the best.

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