Top 4 VPN Apps for Your Refurbished iPhone 5S


At this very moment, some of you might be wondering, why on earth do we need VPNs when we have iPhone? Reason being, the phone is famous for its outstanding security strength, it is way better as compared to its competitor Android.

To end your dilemma, you need to understand that cybercrime is getting worse every passing day. A new and stronger virus hits the World Wide Web, and it has become imperative to take precautionary measure in order to protect yourself from them.

You might be using a refurbished iPhone 5S, but it does not mean you are not prone to the dangers of the World Wide Web. The best way to go about is to download a good VPN app on your refurbished iPhone 5S.


Top 4 VPN Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5S:


Below we have listed the top 4 VPNS app for your Smartphone.



Anyone who knows about VPN would be familiar with TunnelBear. It is an excellent and outstanding VPN app for your phone, the best thing is that TunnelBear is for free. Its user-friendly interface, efficiency, and simplicity are the reason behind its huge success. With TunnelBear you can use up to 500Mbps without any cost.


CyberGhost VPN:

Another excellent app for your refurbished iPhone 5S, it is said to be the leading service providers in its respective domain. If you are searching for a free VPN services app, we suggest you should download and install CyberGhost VPN on your iPhone. You will fall in love with the app. It is easy to use, fast and efficient.

With CyberGhost it is very easy to mask your real IP, making it very difficult for the trackers to follow you. The app ensures that you are safe online and for that, it supports a number of tunneling protocols. However, there is a string attached, when you are using the Free version, you are going to get disconnected after every three hours. If you can live with that, we suggest you download the app right away.


Spotflux Free VPN:

Another free VPN app that is meant to keep you safe over the internet. Spotflux Free VPN will become your digital anonymizer, it will let you hide your true identity over the internet, thus protecting you against any potential threat.

All your mobile data and traffic is secured via sophisticated encryption. With Spotflux you can customize your VPN application, and it is best for your iPhone security as it comes with anti-malware filters.


Hotspot Shield:

This is our favorite free VPN app. It is simple, elegant and easy to use. The app lets you choose the country for your IP address. The app has managed to stay afloat despite so much competition. It is said to be one of the best VPN apps available for not only your refurbished iPhone but also computers and Androids.

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