How Android is Fighting Spam Calls

How Android is Fighting Spam Calls

How Android is Fighting Spam Calls

Robocalling problem is getting worse these days. Robocall-blocking YouMail estimated that in April 3.4 billion robo-calls were made. And to rid from these obnoxious calls, Google has taken a step.

Google recently updated its Android phone app that automatically filters out spam calls. Without ringing the phone, the app will automatically send these robo-calls straight into your voicemail box. Though the calls may end up in your voicemail but at least you will get rid of such calls ringing your phone every now and then and your day won’t be interrupted. If you are using Android 6.0 or higher version, you can activate this feature by going to phone app, tap the settings menu, select the Caller ID & Spam and switch on ‘Filter Spam Calls’ feature.

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The latest update is an upgrade of Google’s call spam feature. Before the update, phone app, Caller ID was only able to detect suspected calls. When a suspected call ring your phone, the app lets your phone to ring but the screen of your phone would turn into red and show the words ‘Suspected Spam Caller’. The feature also lets you reject the call by swiping downward. The call spamming and filtering feature is an extension of this app. Google said that this is one of the most popular features of its phone app. A spokesperson from Google said “It was a natural next step to improve the experience even further to reduce the distraction and hassle of receiving a spam call,”

Now if we speak about stopping the ‘neighbour spoofing’ spam calls, the work is still in progress. In neighbour spoofing, the caller modifies itself and the call appear as a local call. But still, this move from Google is giving it an edge over its competing operating systems. If you are an iOS user then you have to use a third-party app to identify and filter the spam phone calls. TrueCaller is one example of using a third-party app.


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