Useful Tips to Prevent Identity Theft Online

Useful Tips to Prevent Identity Theft Online

In today’s technology world, keeping your online identity safe is very difficult. There is a number of ways through which hackers and scammers can get your details that will compromise your online identity. In some cases, the wrongdoer steals another person’s identity just for harassment. However, in most cases, the hacker or scammer steals data to grab one’s money through illegal ways. There are many cases on record that tell the stories of stealing money from hackers.

To keep online identity secure, we should know how these scammers operate. The tips mentioned below will help to learn and avoid online pitfalls that help hackers stealing your data.

Phishing Scams

Phishing is one of the most common ways through which hackers are able to commit identity theft. It is highly advisable that never enter your personal details on the website which seems suspicious to you. Never click unsecured links. Always go to official websites or click legitimate links.

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Virus Protection

Highly expert scammers and hackers use compromised websites to inject their hacking code into your system and track your activities online. Professional hackers install a key-logger on your device which records your every activity you do on your device.

Unique Passwords

Yes, passwords protocol also plays a vital role in preventing any identity theft. It is recommended that never use the same password for every account you have. Set a strong password including numbers, digits, and special characters. Also, make a habit to change your passwords every 30 days.

Keep your Information Personal

You don’t want to share your personal information with everyone then why share it online? It is a misconception thinking that your online profiles are your safe space. Also, before you sell phone, make sure to properly delete your all the personal data. Don’t share your personal information with public groups, forums and websites.


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