What to Do Before You Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

If you own a mobile phone, there will believably come a time when you would like to upgrade it to a newer model with more advanced features. So, the old mobile phone goes unused usually into an old drawer and unnoticed about. Further, you can also plan for an upgrade if your phone has stopped working or simply damaged due to any reason.If you have any mobile like that, now is the right time to collect them and get rid of them for good. You can simply sell them for recycling and get some money in return.

What to do before you sell your old or broken phone? This is a general question that comes in mind when you make a decision to sell your old phone. The following article will help you get to know what you should do before you sell your old phone. Also, read on to learn how to get the most money by approaching one of the best mobile comparison sites!

1.   Prefer Mobile Recycling Companies

When it comes to you wanting to sell your old mobile, there are many options online you can use to do so with. Though you can go for any auction or retail stores on the internet for selling your mobile, mobile phone recycling companies are now considered the best place to sell old mobile phones.

As you may know that throwing old and used mobile phones away is also prohibited by law. Mobile phones contain harmful materials that can contaminate the ground and water supply for years to come if they are simply discarded to end up in landfill sites somewhere. Moreover, these gadgets also contain precious metals which can be extracted through a recycling process for further use. Therefore, in order to have an eco-friendly mobile disposal, you can simply go for mobile phone recycling companies.

Such kind of firms are typically involved with the local bodies of the country with having an aim of reducing e-waste. For this, these companies take old used phones off and recycle them in several ways. The best thing about the recycling firms is that they pay you a cash reward in exchange for your old phone. Also, they accept non-functional and even broken mobile devices.

So, never toss your old or broken phone in trash cans! Just look for one of the best mobile phone recycling sites and get the cash and help the environment as well.

Want To Know How To Determine Your Phone Value? Read Below!

There is a plethora of information available online that can be helpful in determining the fair value of your old used mobile phone. Many recycling websites give estimates or provide a comprehensive information to consumers as to the recent prices for different kinds of mobile phones currently available in the market. The information on those websites is fair and very reliable and it gives a good idea about the estimated value of any mobile device without having to negotiate the price with a recycler.

2.   Never Sell Your Mobile To The First Recycling Company

This is another important thing you should consider while going to sell your mobile phone. Many times, people hand over their phones to the first recycler because they don’t have enough time for searching more companies or when they run into the urgency of the situation. It is important that you don’t sell your old phone to the very first recycler you come across. Always get estimates from multiple recycling sites and compare prices before deciding on which one to sell your mobile to.

3.   Make A Comparison Of Different Recycling Firms

As we said above you should compare prices before selling your phone but there is no need to do it manually. At the present time, there are a large number of recycling firms online you can use. And with each of them all providing their own prices and benefits for using them, it can be a daunting task knowing which one to use.

You can compare mobile recycling sites by simply accessing one of the mobile comparison sites. With these sites, you can get the best deal and most money for your old or even damaged the phone. Mobile recycling comparison sites are basically designed to present a list of the prices offered by all the top recycling company so that you can compare all of them and go for the highest one. Such comparison sites save you time, efforts, and hassle.

Here’s How You Can Use A Comparison Site For Selling An Old Phone

Mobile phone comparison sites are a wise option for everyone who wishes to find the best prices for their old phone quickly when looking to sell it.These sites provide you with a quick comparison of mobile prices and save you time because you can get a list of different top recycling deals at one place.

All you need to do is to choose your phone from the listed products on the comparison site. Or you can simply enter your mobile make and model into the search box. The site will present you some of the best available quotes from the top recycling sites. It is possible because comparison sites use modern comparison tools that just take a few seconds to make a comparison of prices. After looking at the comparison site, you just need to pick up the highest price.

Once you are happy with an offer and confirm it, the comparison site will redirect you the particular recycler site so that you can sell your mobile through their process. You don’t need to know all the details about the recycling firms as the comparison sites also have their reviews and ratings to show you their reputation. After completing the online sale procedure, you just have to post your mobile device to the recycler’s official address. Once they collect your phone and inspect it thoroughly, you will get paid instantly. Bear in mind recycling companies come up with several payment methods (Cash, Cheque, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal etc.), therefore, you can opt for the most suited one.

By comparing mobile prices in such a way, you can definitely find the best ever price for your old or even damaged the phone and sell it with full confidence. You can use the earnings for buying a new phone of your choice. In this way, you can easily cut the high price of a brand new smartphone.

1.   The Condition Of The Mobile Phone

It is another important thing you need to consider when you sell your old phone for cash. Mobile phones are prone to scratch marks or any other mishaps. Therefore, protective casing is extremely helpful to protect them from any damage in case they fall or hit something.

The price of an old phone typically depends a lot on the overall condition. So, always make sure to completely clean your phone to make it presentable. If the casing or touchscreen has some scuff marks or scratches, it is best to spend a little money and get the casing or LCD changed. This will improve the overall worth of the mobile. Apart from this, if you have a non-functional or broken phone that is beyond repair, don’t throw it away. It has still some value and you can recover it by selling to a mobile recycling company.

2.   Wipe Your Mobile Phone & Pack It

Before selling an old phone, you must delete and clear any sensitive or personal data you have on the mobile phone such as the contact numbers, SMS messages, photos, media files,and other things. After doing this, you should gather all the essential accessories that you need to send with your phone. And then, pack your phone in original box with all accessories.

These are just a few things you should you do when selling old mobile phones including Apple iPhones. These are very expensive smartphones and have a fairly high resale value compared to other smartphones as long as they are not too old and are kept in pristine condition. If you want to sell your iPhone, keep the above-mentioned considerations in mind as these things will help you in getting more value for your mobile.Don’t forget to compare mobile prices by utilising a reputable comparison site.


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