What to Do Before You Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

If you own a mobile phone, there will believably come a time when you would like to upgrade it to a newer model with more advanced features. So, the old mobile phone goes unused usually into an old drawer and unnoticed about. Further, you can also plan for an upgrade if your phone has stopped working or simply damaged due to any reason.If you have any mobile like that, now is the right time to collect them and get rid of them for good. You can simply sell them for recycling and get some money in return.

What to do before you sell your old or broken phone? This is a general question that comes in mind when you make a decision to sell your old phone. The following article will help you get to know what you should do before you sell your old phone. Also, read on to learn how to get the most money by approaching one of the best mobile comparison sites!

1.   Prefer Mobile Recycling Companies

When it comes to you wanting to sell your old mobile, there are many options online you can use to do so with. Though you can go for any auction or retail stores on the internet for selling your mobile, mobile phone recycling companies are now considered the best place to sell old mobile phones.

As you may know that throwing old and used mobile phones away is also prohibited by law. Mobile phones contain harmful materials that can contaminate the ground and water supply for years to come if they are simply discarded to end up in landfill sites somewhere. Moreover, these gadgets also contain precious metals which can be extracted through a recycling process for further use. Therefore, in order to have an eco-friendly mobile disposal, you can simply go for mobile phone recycling companies.

Such kind of firms are typically involved with the local bodies of the country with having an aim of reducing e-waste. For this, these companies take old used phones off and recycle them in several ways. The best thing about the recycling firms is that they pay you a cash reward in exchange for your old phone. Also, they accept non-functional and even broken mobile devices.

So, never toss your old or broken phone in trash cans! Just look for one of the best mobile phone recycling sites and get the cash and help the environment as well.

Want To Know How To Determine Your Phone Value? Read Below!

There is a plethora of information available online that can be helpful in determining the fair value of your old used mobile phone. Many recycling websites give estimates or provide a comprehensive information to consumers as to the recent prices for different kinds of mobile phones currently available in the market. The information on those websites is fair and very reliable and it gives a good idea about the estimated value of any mobile device without having to negotiate the price with a recycler.

2.   Never Sell Your Mobile To The First Recycling Company

This is another important thing you should consider while going to sell your mobile phone. Many times, people hand over their phones to the first recycler because they don’t have enough time for searching more companies or when they run into the urgency of the situation. It is important that you don’t sell your old phone to the very first recycler you come across. Always get estimates from multiple recycling sites and compare prices before deciding on which one to sell your mobile to.

3.   Make A Comparison Of Different Recycling Firms

As we said above you should compare prices before selling your phone but there is no need to do it manually. At the present time, there are a large number of recycling firms online you can use. And with each of them all providing their own prices and benefits for using them, it can be a daunting task knowing which one to use.

You can compare mobile recycling sites by simply accessing one of the mobile comparison sites. With these sites, you can get the best deal and most money for your old or even damaged the phone. Mobile recycling comparison sites are basically designed to present a list of the prices offered by all the top recycling company so that you can compare all of them and go for the highest one. Such comparison sites save you time, efforts, and hassle.

Here’s How You Can Use A Comparison Site For Selling An Old Phone

Mobile phone comparison sites are a wise option for everyone who wishes to find the best prices for their old phone quickly when looking to sell it.These sites provide you with a quick comparison of mobile prices and save you time because you can get a list of different top recycling deals at one place.

All you need to do is to choose your phone from the listed products on the comparison site. Or you can simply enter your mobile make and model into the search box. The site will present you some of the best available quotes from the top recycling sites. It is possible because comparison sites use modern comparison tools that just take a few seconds to make a comparison of prices. After looking at the comparison site, you just need to pick up the highest price.

Once you are happy with an offer and confirm it, the comparison site will redirect you the particular recycler site so that you can sell your mobile through their process. You don’t need to know all the details about the recycling firms as the comparison sites also have their reviews and ratings to show you their reputation. After completing the online sale procedure, you just have to post your mobile device to the recycler’s official address. Once they collect your phone and inspect it thoroughly, you will get paid instantly. Bear in mind recycling companies come up with several payment methods (Cash, Cheque, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal etc.), therefore, you can opt for the most suited one.

By comparing mobile prices in such a way, you can definitely find the best ever price for your old or even damaged the phone and sell it with full confidence. You can use the earnings for buying a new phone of your choice. In this way, you can easily cut the high price of a brand new smartphone.

1.   The Condition Of The Mobile Phone

It is another important thing you need to consider when you sell your old phone for cash. Mobile phones are prone to scratch marks or any other mishaps. Therefore, protective casing is extremely helpful to protect them from any damage in case they fall or hit something.

The price of an old phone typically depends a lot on the overall condition. So, always make sure to completely clean your phone to make it presentable. If the casing or touchscreen has some scuff marks or scratches, it is best to spend a little money and get the casing or LCD changed. This will improve the overall worth of the mobile. Apart from this, if you have a non-functional or broken phone that is beyond repair, don’t throw it away. It has still some value and you can recover it by selling to a mobile recycling company.

2.   Wipe Your Mobile Phone & Pack It

Before selling an old phone, you must delete and clear any sensitive or personal data you have on the mobile phone such as the contact numbers, SMS messages, photos, media files,and other things. After doing this, you should gather all the essential accessories that you need to send with your phone. And then, pack your phone in original box with all accessories.

These are just a few things you should you do when selling old mobile phones including Apple iPhones. These are very expensive smartphones and have a fairly high resale value compared to other smartphones as long as they are not too old and are kept in pristine condition. If you want to sell your iPhone, keep the above-mentioned considerations in mind as these things will help you in getting more value for your mobile.Don’t forget to compare mobile prices by utilising a reputable comparison site.


Best phone comparison sites to sell your old phone

Best phone comparison sites to sell your old phone

If you have an old mobile phone lying in your closet, and you want to trade it or sell it for cash, you can find lots of sites online. Most of these websites claim that they are the best places available online to sell your old handset. You can sell your iPhone, Samsung and all other brands. However, only a few numbers of websites are trusted and registered businesses.

Also, not all those sites care about your data. So, it is highly recommended to go with a trusted and professionally experienced business to sell your old device.

Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile selling comparison sites in the UK.


If you sell or purchase anything online then you must know about eBay. From old handsets to flip phone and to the latest from Apple and Android, eBay is the perfect shot to get the job done.

eBay has a great number of potential buyers, which gives you a very high chance to sell your old device. It is a very popular site for buying and selling. Just set up your account at eBay, click some perfect pictures of your old mobile phone, fill in the description and other details and list your old device.

eBay has its fee, so you have to pay that. But the benefit is that more people will see your listing and your old phone will likely be sold faster.


Amazon is another great option for selling and buying. It’s pretty straightforward to make an account on Amazon and gain access to a pool of worldwide buyers. Amazon has a trade-in program also that lets you sell your old devices directly for Amazon for gift cards in return.

When you visit Amazon site, just look for the Trade in now button and you can easily spot Amazon products that can be traded in for money. Remember, Amazon does not provide shipping box, you have to ship your device by yourself.

For some products, Amazon has its ‘Instant Payment’ option as well. It means if you trade in one of those items, you’ll get paid immediately once your order has been confirmed.

Sell The Mobile

Sell The Mobile is UK’s one of the best websites to sell your phone. If you are looking for the best mobile phone comparison website, then SellTheMobile is the perfect choice. SellTheMobile has top trusted mobile phone recycling companies on board which offer you the best price for your mobile phone, guaranteed.

It’s simple, they compare, and you sell.  SellTheMobile has made the procedure of selling the mobile phones very convenient and fast. You just visit their site and compare the phone prices offered to you by the top mobile phone recycling companies. We suggest, go with the top deal, as it will pay you the highest money. You can sell your old, unwanted and even broken phones at SellThMobile.

  • Sell Smart for Cash
  • iPhone Recycler
  • Alpha Recycle
  • EE Recycle
  • Mobile Phone Xchange
  • Top Dollar Mobile
  • FoneBank
  • 8 Mobile

The above-mentioned are some of the examples of the companies that work exclusively with SellTheMobile.


Gazelle is one more important place to sell your old mobile phone. It gives you an offer for your device, you can ship that item to them and get paid. If you want to sell your phone, then you need to describe its working condition first. If it’s broken, don’t hesitate to mention that. After describing the condition, choose your payment option, so that you get paid via that option.

Gazelle’s one benefit over some of its competitors is that it offers you the option to send you the packaging box for free. You will also get the shipping label with the box.

If your item is in different condition then you mentioned, then instead of sending your item back, Gazelle will give you a revised offer for that particular item. If you don’t like the offer, the company will send your item back to you for free.

Your Wireless Carrier

Your wireless carrier might be a potential buyer of your old smartphone. So you can contact your carrier as well. It can resell your mobile phone for a profit while encouraging you to buy a new phone.


If you want to avoid selling fee on eBay, you can opt for Craigslist. It is one of the most popular trading and selling networks and you can easily find people to buy your phone. Craigslist’s one plus side is that you can list your phone at whatever price you want without any requirements to sell. And of course, the listing is absolutely free.

Craigslist works all over the world and promotes local deals, so you have to meet the buyer in person to sell the device. So you have to be little careful while meeting the buyer and if possible, take your friend with you. And be cautious about the types of payment you accept.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a next level version of the Facebook groups’ buying and selling. It was launched in October 2016. You can list your old phone on Facebook at a set price. There is no listing fee. And when the deal is done, meet the buyer in person and complete the transaction. You can also list your item privately so that your friends can only view it.

The idea behind Marketplace is to enable shopping between individuals within the same local communities.  Payments can be made through Facebook or whatever method the seller and buyer agree on.

How to Wipe clean your mobile phone before selling

Before you say bye-bye to your beloved EX-mobile phone, it is very important to make sure that you sign out from all the accounts on your smartphone. By accounts we mean, from email accounts, social media accounts and others. You should completely wipe it clean before you sell your old mobile phone. And before cleaning the device, there are two important things that you should consider.

First, back up all of your precious data from that phone and make sure no one can access it. Of course, you don’t want anybody to look into your personal photos and videos, so clear your phone completely before handing it over to the buyer. The second thing you should do is to turn off the Activation Lock or Factory Reset Protection.

Then turn off your mobile phone, remove the SIM card, remove the external memory card, if present. Now turn it back on and make sure that it has at least 50-percent battery life. Now, it’s time to wipe it clean.

How to Wipe Out an iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, then sign out of iCloud and the iTunes & App Store first. If your iPhone is running iOS 10.3 or later, then follow these steps.

Go to Settings > Click on your name > scroll down and tap Sign Out. Your iPhone will ask your Apple ID password, insert that and tap Turn Off.

And in case, you have an older iOS version, then go to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out. Tap Sign Out again, then tap Delete from My [device] and enter your Apple ID password. Then go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out.

After this, to erase all the data from your iPhone, go to Settings> General > Reset > Erase All the Content and Settings > Enter your Apple ID password > Tape Erase.

How to Wipe an Android phone

On an Android phone, for example, the Samsung phone, do the following steps.

Settings > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type and choose None.

After this, you need to remove your Google account. On a Samsung phone, go to Settings > Cloud & accounts > Accounts, then tap on Google, then tap the three vertical dots > and tap Remove account.

Now remove your Google account by going to Settings > Cloud & accounts > Accounts and tap on Google, then tap the three vertical dots in the upper right or More > Remove account.

For Factory reset your phone, go to Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and then tap Reset phone or Reset device. On a Samsung Galaxy go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset and then tap Reset device.

Final Word

Before you sell your phone, it’s important to take your time and do a little research. Watch out for the fraudulent deals. Stay honest with the buyer. The above-mentioned companies like SellTheMobile are a great service that will pay you the most cash for your mobile phone. If you keep these things in mind, we can guarantee you a great deal with a positive experience.

Where have you sold your used cell phone before? Share with us in the comments below.

How Android is Fighting Spam Calls

How Android is Fighting Spam Calls

How Android is Fighting Spam Calls

Robocalling problem is getting worse these days. Robocall-blocking YouMail estimated that in April 3.4 billion robo-calls were made. And to rid from these obnoxious calls, Google has taken a step.

Google recently updated its Android phone app that automatically filters out spam calls. Without ringing the phone, the app will automatically send these robo-calls straight into your voicemail box. Though the calls may end up in your voicemail but at least you will get rid of such calls ringing your phone every now and then and your day won’t be interrupted. If you are using Android 6.0 or higher version, you can activate this feature by going to phone app, tap the settings menu, select the Caller ID & Spam and switch on ‘Filter Spam Calls’ feature.

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The latest update is an upgrade of Google’s call spam feature. Before the update, phone app, Caller ID was only able to detect suspected calls. When a suspected call ring your phone, the app lets your phone to ring but the screen of your phone would turn into red and show the words ‘Suspected Spam Caller’. The feature also lets you reject the call by swiping downward. The call spamming and filtering feature is an extension of this app. Google said that this is one of the most popular features of its phone app. A spokesperson from Google said “It was a natural next step to improve the experience even further to reduce the distraction and hassle of receiving a spam call,”

Now if we speak about stopping the ‘neighbour spoofing’ spam calls, the work is still in progress. In neighbour spoofing, the caller modifies itself and the call appear as a local call. But still, this move from Google is giving it an edge over its competing operating systems. If you are an iOS user then you have to use a third-party app to identify and filter the spam phone calls. TrueCaller is one example of using a third-party app.

How to Protect Data on Lost or Stolen iPhone

How to Protect Data on Lost or Stolen iPhone

How to Protect Data on Lost or Stolen iPhone

Many times you have heard about iPhone theft and it would make you scared regarding your cherished iPhone. I agree it is a nightmare moment when you have lost your iPhone. But Apple does not leave you alone in this tragedy; they help you track your iPhone, as well as protect your data on lost or stolen device. Yes, it is right.

Well, now the question is that how you can get the Apple assistance in the case if your iPhone is lost or stolen. The following article aims to provide you a detailed information on what you should you do before and after if you lost your iPhone.


What To Do Before You Lose Your iPhone?

To protect yourself from iPhone theft, there is a tool in the iPhone titled Activation Lock that makes an iPhone unusable without the owner’s Apple ID or password. What that means is even when a thief or any third person has your iPhone, they will unable to unlock your iPhone because they don’t know your Apple’s account details and no other account will work in that case.

Furthermore, if you have misplaced your iPhone, you can also wipe it completely by accessing it remotely and it will still be locked down, resulting the iPhone is useless to anyone expect you.

Find My iPhone

On iPhone devices running iOS 7 or later, Activation Lock option has been tied to the feature of “Find My iPhone”. When you turn ON this feature, Activation Lock will be ON. Keep in mind, when you set up a new iPhone device, Find My iPhone is automatically activated but you can check to ensure it’s enabled by following the below steps:

Tap Settings App > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Be sure it is ON (green side button).

Here are some other options you can use them for maximum protection of your beloved iPhone: 

  • At that screen, you can also find “Send last location” option. Turn it ON for additional security. If your phone battery is critically low, it will share your last location to Apple. So, it is a great thing to do because if your iPhone is lost or stolen and the battery dies, you can track your iPhone by knowing the last location.
  • In addition to intricately associating your Apple ID to your iPhone, Find My iPhone also enables you to locate your phone at whatever time, remotely wipe it away, and remotely put it into “Lost Mode” to protect your data.
  • Further, you can consider two-factor authentication if you want to keep your iPhone safe from hacking attempts. To do this, you need to enter an additional verification code before signing into Apple ID and iCloud account.


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What To Do After When Your iPhone Is Lost or Stolen

If unfortunately your iPhone has been lost or stolen, all you need to do is to log into Find My iPhone on another Apple device or simply through www.icloud.com/find. If your misplaced iPhone has power and is also connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network then you can easily get the approximate location of the device on a map.

On the other hand, if your iPhone is power Off because the battery has died or it loses its network connections, Find My iPhone will show the last location for 24 hours and after that, you will be unable to know the last location.

So, there are some following things you should do immediately if you confirm that your iPhone is misplaced or even stolen:

Activate Lost Mode: Along with tracking the last location for a misplaced iPhone through Find My iPhone, you should lock your device by activating Lost Mode. By doing this, you will be able to send a message to your misplaced iPhone as well as it will prevent your iPhone from being used. Here’s how you can turn it on:

  1. Visit iCloud.com or simply access the Find My iPhone app on another Apple device and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Click on “All devices” on the web and choose your missing device in the list. On iOS device, simply tap the missing device.
  3. On the web, a menu will be shown with the following options; play a sound, erase the phone and enable Lost Mode. Hence, on the Apple device, you need to tap on “Actions” to find out this menu. Then select Lost Mode by tapping it.
  4. Once you choose it, you will be able to write a message that will be displayed on your misplaced iPhone.
  5. And then select “Done” to enable the Lost Mode and then activate the option “Notify if found”. Your missing iPhone is now locked and can only be accessed when your Apple ID is entered.

After doing so, your debit/credit cards linked with Apple Pay will be disabled immediately and you will able to erase your data by remotely access your device through Find My iPhone.

How to Sell your Phone at Good Price?

sell your Phone, sell My Phone, Mobile Phone Recycling,

What is Mobile Phone Recycling?

Smartphone recycling directly refers to recycle or sell your Phone using an online medium or at a physical shop offering such services. Since phone recycling industry has expanded extremely, customers can easily find best places to sell old iPhone or a used smartphone at a good price. When someone recycles a phone, he is not only helping the environment but also gets a chance to earn some real cash to upgrade his smartphone.

The devices which are unable to reshape in working condition are broken down to use their metal and other parts into new products that can be jewelry and range of other mobile products. But it doesn’t mean that your phones possess no value. Never forget to claim your cash when you are trading in to recycle a used phone.


What are the Advantages to Recycle Mobile Phone?

Recycling a smartphone also comes with various advantages and the top advantage is; you can expect a handsome return on your investment. For instance, if you have a used iPhone in good condition, you can sell your device at an attractive price.  Currently, various iPhone and Android mobile recycling company is working which is offering competitive prices with multiple sell your Phone deals online.

What Does a Phone Recycling Company Do?

Many people take phone recycling only as selling purposes whereas basically, smartphone recycling program involves a lot of skills and craft to combine the parts of two different devices. One method of recycling is to use the parts of a dead phone in a working phone to improve its functionality.

There can be a little disorder as well that can be replaced by installing relevant hardware. Rebuilt phones are sent back to the main store at a reasonable price to sell my mobile. The second method of smartphone recycling is to obtain different metals using meltdown technique. But now a day, the first method is most popular that return a fair price to the seller too.

What is the Best Place to Recycle Old iPhone?

Various phone recycling companies are working in the UK which offers a fair Phone recycling deal to buy your phone but still, you need a medium where you can easily approach one of the top smartphone recycling companies near you.

Customers seek a trustworthy website where they are satisfied to get a good return on their device with a swift transaction. Sellthemobile.com is number 1 place that redirects you to the top phone recycling companies in the UK. If you want to sell your used iPhone or an Android phone, visit this site that will not deprive you.

How to Sell your Phone at the Best Price?

Recycling companies offer a good price to sell your phone come in well condition. If you have a smartphone in perfect shape, and looking to buy a new one, you can expect a competitive price. Instead of selling your phone directly to the company use above mentioned medium that will cost you nothing but provides you a reliable space to approach the no 1 smartphone recycling companies in the UK.

Do Mobile Phone Recycling Companies are Reliable?

Yes, there is a little chance when you can be scammed up, but if you are sell your phone at a top-rated company, risks of losing money, or a heavy deduction is mere. It is far better if you check the user feedback of that specific recycling company. Through this way, you can perceive a clear image of the company that will help you to take the final step ultimately.

Whether it is a service provider, individual seller, or retailers, or manufacturers, sell old iPhone or recycling has turned into a massive industry that is providing benefits on both edges. Mobile Phone recycling is not only easy but also a quick way to get an instant cash that is beneficial for buyer and seller both.

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