Useful Tips to Prevent Identity Theft Online

Useful Tips to Prevent Identity Theft Online

In today’s technology world, keeping your online identity safe is very difficult. There is a number of ways through which hackers and scammers can get your details that will compromise your online identity. In some cases, the wrongdoer steals another person’s identity just for harassment. However, in most cases, the hacker or scammer steals data to grab one’s money through illegal ways. There are many cases on record that tell the stories of stealing money from hackers.

To keep online identity secure, we should know how these scammers operate. The tips mentioned below will help to learn and avoid online pitfalls that help hackers stealing your data.

Phishing Scams

Phishing is one of the most common ways through which hackers are able to commit identity theft. It is highly advisable that never enter your personal details on the website which seems suspicious to you. Never click unsecured links. Always go to official websites or click legitimate links.

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Virus Protection

Highly expert scammers and hackers use compromised websites to inject their hacking code into your system and track your activities online. Professional hackers install a key-logger on your device which records your every activity you do on your device.

Unique Passwords

Yes, passwords protocol also plays a vital role in preventing any identity theft. It is recommended that never use the same password for every account you have. Set a strong password including numbers, digits, and special characters. Also, make a habit to change your passwords every 30 days.

Keep your Information Personal

You don’t want to share your personal information with everyone then why share it online? It is a misconception thinking that your online profiles are your safe space. Also, before you sell phone, make sure to properly delete your all the personal data. Don’t share your personal information with public groups, forums and websites.


Top ways to trade in or sell iPhone for cash

Top ways to trade in or sell iPhone for cash

So you are planning to buy new upcoming iPhone X Plus and want to sell your current iPhone 8 and you have paid a pretty handsome amount for it. In this blog, we will show you some best ways that can get you the most money for your old iPhone, whether it is an iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus or something even older model. By following these any of these ways you can sell your iPhone easily and get a good amount in return.

Sell the iPhone online

Sell your iPhone online is one of the best ways to sell and get good cash. Though selling online is a little risky but there are many trusted mobile phone sites available online who take your old phones and pay you a good amount of money for those phones.

Craigslist is one of those sites but the biggest problem here is finding the right customers. If you find the customer do this thing as mandatory, meet the buyer in a public place. Discuss over the phone, the payment agreement and other things prior to meeting in person.

If you like to use the internet, then listing your iPhone on eBay is a good option for you. You can get a good price for your iPhone. In fact, eBay is a better option for you rather than Craigslist. eBay provides its buyers purchase protection as well. The only downside of eBay is that it charges a sales fee for each item you sell.

Trade it in

Trading your iPhone is the least profitable option for you. You can trade in your device for cash, gift cards or store credits. Your iPhone gets more value if it is properly unlocked and Find My iPhone feature is deactivated. Below are some of the domains through which you can trade in your old iPhone.

– Apple’s Trade-up program

– Best Buy Trade in

– Nextworth

– Gazelle

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How to Fix an iPad That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

How to Fix an iPad That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

How to Fix an iPad That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

If you own an iPad that won’t connect to Wi-Fi, you have reached the right place. Here you get a perfect solution to fix this common issue.

I am a die-hard fan of my beloved iPhone and can’t imagine a single minute without it. One day, I knew that I might miss being able to connect over the 3G network. What I did not expect was not being able to connect over Wi-Fi. It was a moment full of frustration and anger. Unfortunately, I am not alone with my Wi-Fi problems. Many iPad owners are reporting problems with Wi-Fi.

If like me, you are wondering what to do to fix it, then read on. I have done the research and come up with some different ways to fix the iPad Wi-Fi connection problems. Let’s take a look at them and rejoice your iPad experience!

  • Check If the Wi-Fi is Turned ON

Make sure the Wi-Fi is activated on your iPad. To do so, navigate to Settings App > Wi-Fi and then it on.

  • Move Closer to the Router

If you are not able to connect Wi-Fi on your iPad, you should move closer to the router. If you are too close to the router, your device will get the maximum signal strength to the Wi-Fi connection.

  • Verify the Password

You know you need to enter a password to connect a Wi-Fi network on your iPad. So, if your iPad is not getting connected with a Wi-Fi network, it is better to verify the password. Type the right password carefully and see if the Wi-Fi is connected on your device.

The Quick Fixes For an iPad That Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Now that you are sure that your iPad can connect to a Wi-Fi network and that your other devices can connect to your home network but the problem is that your iPad can not, then here are some quick fixes that you can perform to get your iPad working on your network. Take a look at these and try to fix your iPad that won’t connect to Wi-Fi!

  1. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Make sure the Airplane Mode is not activated on your iPad. To do this, access the Control Centre with the home button and then tap the Airplane icon to turn it off.

  1. Restart Your Wireless Router

If the issue persists, try this trick. Restart your wireless router by pulling out its power adapter from the router approximately 15 seconds and then plug it back in.

  1. Reset The Network Settings

You can also reset the network settings of your iPad to fix Wi-Fi issues. To do so, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

  1. Try to Connect Your Network Again and Again

If you are still experiencing the same issue, disconnect/reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. To do this, simply head to the Settings App > WIFI and then tap the “More Info” icon.  Next, tap the “Forget This Network” button to disconnect and then reconnect to the same network.

  1. Hard Reboot

Restart your iPad. Simply press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously for at least 15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears on the screen.

  1. Reset All Settings

If you are still unable to fix the issue, you may need to reset its all settings which will not affect your stored data. To reset iPad’s settings, tap the Settings App > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. It will set up your device as a new one.

Try one of the tricks mentioned above to resolve the Wi-Fi issues on your iPad. If it won’t still connect, then it may be broken. It’s better to sell your iPad to a top-rated mobile phone recycling comparison website and get a new one. By doing so, you can make the most money that you can use for buying a new iPad.

Don’t Miss the Deal to Buy or Sell an Apple iPhone 5s?


The Apple iPhone 5s is a smartphone designed and released by Apple, Inc. on September 10, 2013. It was released at the same time as the iPhone 5c, and was the higher-end version phone released at that time by Apple. Like other iPhones, the 5s comes with the options of 16, 32, or 64GB of storage, but does not allow for post market memory upgrades.


This phone resembles its predecessor, the iPhone 5, in appearance, but internally it has a number of upgrades to it. One new feature included on the 5s, not offered on the 5c, was the introduction of a fingerprint recognition scanner which can be used for added security to unlock the phone and for making purchases using the iTunes and App Stores.


Additionally, the 5s camera was updated, including new flash features, improvements were made to the battery life, and the 5s operates using iOS 7. The introduction of the A7 64-bit dual-core processor and a motion co-processor, were also updates made to the 5s. With the instant popularity of the phone, customers began to immediately search for a hot deal to buy an iPhone 5s.


With all of the updates made to the iPhone series, the cost of a new phone also was substantial. As a result, many consumers began to look for a deal to buy a refurbished iPhone 5s. Customers in certain areas found it even more difficult to locate a deal to buy a refurbished iPhone 5s, since Apple did not offer an option to purchase a refurbished phone in some areas.


This made it even more difficult for individuals to find a deal to buy a refurbished iPhone 5s in the UK, and makes the best option for these customers looking for a deal on high end smartphone.



Is a Refurbished iPhone right for you?  


When looking to buy a refurbished iPhone 5s, some consumers are concerned they would not receive a high quality phone, and were concerned about getting a used phone. Understanding the differences between a used and a refurbished phone may help to resolve any doubts a consumer may have.


When a customer goes to buy a refurbished iPhone 5s, the phone has been inspected and any repairs needed have been made to ensure the phone is as close to “like new” quality as possible. Used phones are sold simple “AS IS” to a customer, and there is usually no inspection or repairs made to the phone. These differences in refurbished and used phones, makes Sell The Mobile a great option for consumers looking for a deal to buy a refurbished iPhone 5s in UK.


Making the Decision:


For many consumers, the deciding factor on whether or not to sell your iPhone 5s for cash is the substantial cost savings potential. For consumers who are eco-conscious, there is the added benefit of a refurbished Apple iPhone 5s creating the potential for one less electronic device finding its way into a landfill somewhere.


No matter what the motivation, when a customer decides to buy a refurbished iPhone 5s from Alpha Smartphones, there is no denying the substantial cost savings available to a customer for a “like new” high end smartphone. Customers can have reassurance in their purchases with the limited warranty offered by Sell The Mobile, as well as the 30-day money back guarantee.


Top 4 VPN Apps for Your Refurbished iPhone 5S


At this very moment, some of you might be wondering, why on earth do we need VPNs when we have iPhone? Reason being, the phone is famous for its outstanding security strength, it is way better as compared to its competitor Android.

To end your dilemma, you need to understand that cybercrime is getting worse every passing day. A new and stronger virus hits the World Wide Web, and it has become imperative to take precautionary measure in order to protect yourself from them.

You might be using a refurbished iPhone 5S, but it does not mean you are not prone to the dangers of the World Wide Web. The best way to go about is to download a good VPN app on your refurbished iPhone 5S.


Top 4 VPN Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5S:


Below we have listed the top 4 VPNS app for your Smartphone.



Anyone who knows about VPN would be familiar with TunnelBear. It is an excellent and outstanding VPN app for your phone, the best thing is that TunnelBear is for free. Its user-friendly interface, efficiency, and simplicity are the reason behind its huge success. With TunnelBear you can use up to 500Mbps without any cost.


CyberGhost VPN:

Another excellent app for your refurbished iPhone 5S, it is said to be the leading service providers in its respective domain. If you are searching for a free VPN services app, we suggest you should download and install CyberGhost VPN on your iPhone. You will fall in love with the app. It is easy to use, fast and efficient.

With CyberGhost it is very easy to mask your real IP, making it very difficult for the trackers to follow you. The app ensures that you are safe online and for that, it supports a number of tunneling protocols. However, there is a string attached, when you are using the Free version, you are going to get disconnected after every three hours. If you can live with that, we suggest you download the app right away.


Spotflux Free VPN:

Another free VPN app that is meant to keep you safe over the internet. Spotflux Free VPN will become your digital anonymizer, it will let you hide your true identity over the internet, thus protecting you against any potential threat.

All your mobile data and traffic is secured via sophisticated encryption. With Spotflux you can customize your VPN application, and it is best for your iPhone security as it comes with anti-malware filters.


Hotspot Shield:

This is our favorite free VPN app. It is simple, elegant and easy to use. The app lets you choose the country for your IP address. The app has managed to stay afloat despite so much competition. It is said to be one of the best VPN apps available for not only your refurbished iPhone but also computers and Androids.

To enjoy these apps, you need to have an Apple or an Android phone, and what better place than the “Sell The Mobile” to sell old mobile for cash. They are the most authentic dealers that you will find across United Kingdoms. Their prices are cost effective and they have outstanding customer service.


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Amazing All in One Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C

How to Restore Deleted Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C?


With the growing technology, things have changed. Phones that were once used only for communication can do multi-tasking now.  There are numerous mobile manufacturers, Apple being on top. Apple introduced iPhone 5C to compete with less expensive Android, and it seems the idea worked.

Despite the fact that the phone was launched a few years ago, it still is in demand. A refurbished iPhone 5C will cost you even less. They deal with all kinds refurbished and used smartphones. They competitive prices are something that makes them stand out among their competitors.

The phone comes with a 4.0-inch display screen, 1.3GHz processor, and 1 GB RAM. It is fast, efficient and classy.  To further improve and enhance your iPhone experience, Apple has introduced iCloud.

This online data storage has made a lot of things easier especially the management of the apps that you download on your refurbished iPhone 5C. Remember the time, when you might not be able to retrieve an app that you accidentally deleted.

You had to rely either on the iTunes backup, which many don’t make, or buy the app again. Costing you some extra pounds, but not anymore. With the introduction of iCloud, you can delete your app as many times as you want and you will get it again no time.

If you accidentally delete an app, the first thing that you need to do is DON’T panic, as this will be of very little help. We can assure you that you will get your app right back without any hassle or worry. Deleting and Retrieving apps have become something very normal.


How to Delete an App?

Since deleting an app on iPhone is very easy, therefore, you are bound to accidentally delete something that you love.

  1. To delete an app, first, you need to tap on it and press till all the app icons start to jiggle.
  2. A small x appearing at the right corner of each icon, tap on that.
  3. You will be asked if you want to delete the app, tap on delete to continue.
  4. The app will be deleted.


How to Retrieve a Deleted app on your Refurbished iPhone 5C?

Once the app is gone, it is time to retrieve it. But how? The good news is that everything on your phone is stored on iCloud automatically. Of course, if you manually stop this backup option, then there is going to be nothing there. But by default, refurbished iPhone 5C comes with the option of backing up your data on iCloud storage.

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is launch App Store.

Step 2: From the menu at the bottom, you have to tap on Updates and then on Purchased.

Step 3: Look for the Not on This iPhone option. It must be present in the menu at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Search for the app that you deleted, but now want to reinstall.  To start the installation process, simply tap on the cloud icon. That is, it! You are good to go now.

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Top 10 Football Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C

Top 10 Football Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C


iPhone 5C is said to be one of the best iPhones, but it just is cost-effective. The phone comes with a 4.00 display screen making it possible for you to enjoy playing and watching videos. It has 1GB RAM and 1.3GHz processor, so the phone is fast and efficient.

Despite it being less expensive, the phone is still out of many people’s budget, however, if they buy refurbished iPhone 5C, we are sure they can save some and still enjoy the perks of iPhone.

To know more about refurbished iPhone, we suggest you check out our articles 4 things that you need to know before you buy refurbished iPhone 5C and 4 reasons why a refurbished iPhone 5C 16 GB is better than a new one.

Since the phone is perfect for playing games, today we are going to tell you about the top 10 football apps for your refurbished iPhone 5C. Since football is a famous game and everyone is in love with it, most of you are going to enjoy this article.



The best iOS soccer game, you can make your own team, manage it. There are real time players, more than 30 leagues and you can join any league to compete with your friends.

Soccer Star Legend World:

The game comes with pretty decent graphics, you save your best moves and share it with friends.


Dream League Soccer:

You can not only build your own team but if you put in the right kind of effort and energy, the game lets you build your own stadium. How cool is that!


Soccer Stars:

It lets you challenge people around the world, it might not have the best graphics, but it still is something worth a shot.


Score! Hero:

It comes with 3D graphics and amazing animations. You play with a smart AI that adapts according to your level.


Final Kick:

Another cool app for your refurbished iPhone 5C that lets you test your kicking skills. You can even reply the shot to learn from your previous mistakes. You can play with online players as well as enjoy 20 offline tournaments.


Top Eleven:

You can become the best soccer manager with this amazing came, you can bid on players, win cups and even challenge other managers.


Head Soccer:

You can play it with other players via Bluetooth or enjoy the 4 offline modes of the game.


New Star Soccer:

It is easy to adapt the game, you start with lower leagues, but with time and practice to climb the ladder.


Supper Ball Juggling:

You can juggle the balls many much as you like with Supper Ball Juggling on your refurbished iPhone 5C.


Football Guy’nor:

An excellent app for your refurbished iPhone 5C, it can buy and sell teams, choose them from the top European league and batch of other things. You sure will fall in love with this app.

To enjoy all these apps, you need compare mobile price UK and the best place to do that is “Sell The Mobile”.