How to Bring your Photos on your Refurbished iPhone 5C Using Siri?


iPhone 5C is one of the best and cost-effective smartphones of Apple. It comes with a 4.00-inch display having a screen resolution 640 pixels x 1136 pixels. The phone is fast due to its 1.3GHz processor and 1GB RAM.

It is also perfect for taking pictures because of its outstanding camera. The phone comes with almost all features of a high-end iPhone, but it is slightly less expensive as compared to other Phones. The phone comes with a plastic back cover, but it does not mean it looks cheap, on the contrary, it looks smart and elegant.

Apple’s intelligent voice assistant named as Siri is something to behold. There are a number of things that Siri can do including sending a text for you, making a call for you and much more. If you are interested in knowing more about the things Siri can do, you can always check out our articles

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Since Siri religiously fulfills your every command, therefore you should not miss any chance of taking advantage of this wonderful software. We already told you a number of things, that Siri can do, now we will tell you how you can use Siri to bring forward your photos on your refurbished iPhone 5C 16GB. So, let’s get started!


How to Bring your Photos on your Refurbished iPhone 5C using Siri:

If you want to see your pictures that you look on your last vacation, all you have to do is order Siri to show you the photos of that particular locations. For instance, Say, Siri show me photos from London. All your photos that were taken in London will come forward. But remember, your location setting might be on at the time you were taking these pictures, as only then will Siri know the location.

To further cut down the search, you can always tell Siri to show you pictures from London, but of last week. Just Say, Sir Show me photos from London from last week. Boom, Siri will show only those pictures that you took is London but a week before.

Likewise, if you further want to cut down the search, you can tell this amazingly smart assistant to show you pictures that you have taken on a particular day. For example, tell Siri to show you pictures that you took on 5/24/2017. Or you can even tell Siri to bring forward the pictures that you took back in November 2014.

We are sure you would simply love it. Siri is perhaps the best virtual assistant so far. To use Siri, you need to have an iPhone, and you can always sell your used iPhone for Cash on “Sell The Mobile”. These people are the best when it comes to selling used and refurbished smartphones.


How to Increase The Speed of your 3G Connection on Your Refurbished iPhone 6


Apple’s iPhone 6 is an amazing phone to have, it comes with numerous inbuilt features that would leave you in an awe. The phone has a 4.7-inch screen which is perfect for playing games and watching videos.

To ensure that you can do as much multitasking as you want, iPhone 6 comes with a 1 GB RAM and a 1.4GHz processor. The phone also has perhaps the best camera in the market, its 8-megapixel camera is way better compared to other smartphones having 12 or more megapixels.

We understand that buy Apple iPhone 6 is not possible for everyone, therefore we suggest you get your hands a refurbished iPhone 6. There are numerous places but only one reliable, authentic and the cost-effective.

At the end of the article, we will tell you about that place, but for now, let us focus on how to speed up your 3G connection on your refurbished iPhone 6.

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How to Increase the Speed of your 3G Connection:

In today’s time and age when everyone is using 4G and LTE, there is certain place where one has to deal with the 3G internet. We know how troublesome it can be to shift from a fast internet to a slow one, but then there is no other way. Our tips and tricks listed below, aren’t going to do magic with your internet speed, but they for sure will make browsing less painful.

Opera Max:

Looking for a way to have full control over your data usage, we recommend that you download Opera Max. The app is designed specially to provide you the best internet speed at a crowded Wi-Fi network. Using this on your 3G will make a difference, we can assure you of that.

Facebook Lite:

Instead of using the regular Facebook app on your refurbished iPhone 6 having a slow internet connection, we suggest you opt for Facebook Lite. The app is designed for those people who do not have access to fast internet, but they still want to enjoy Facebook.

Disabling Images:

To double your browsing speed on a low connection, we recommend that you disable the image loading option. Enabling the Text Only mode on your browser will surely boost your web surfing speed. Since this option is not present in every browser, so you need to check it under the Settings tab.

Find the Right Browser:

We know chrome is the popular one and everyone loves it. So, do we, but when it comes to slow network, we suggest you use Opera Max as the browser is designed for this very reason. You will be able to see the difference.

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Top 5 Key Tips for Refurbished iPhone 6


iPhone 6 was said to be another masterpiece by Apple. The phone had everything, starting from class till speed and efficiency. It comes a complete package, its 1.4GHz processor, and 1GB RAM made the phone a fast device. The 8-megapixel camera allowed users to capture some really awesome moments to perfection.

The 4.7-inch display screen with high resolution was like a cherry on top of the cake. Everything about the phone is perfect and the best part is that it came with a number of new features. We will be telling you about top 5 useful tips for refurbished iPhone 6.

Creating a Medical ID:

With the introduction of iOS 8, people also became acquainted with the new Apple Health App. Although it is a complex app, but it does allow you to chart various metrics regarding your physical health. It is also an excellent medium to let others know about your health history in case of emergency. Creating a medical id permit you to access the emergency function located iPhone 6 locked screen.

To create ID, open the app, look at the lower right corner, you will be able to see “Medical ID” option. Tap on it and then enter the information that you want to access when your phone is locked. You can add things line emergency contact number, blood type, medications, allergies etc. Once this is all finished, tap on Done.

Capturing Smoother Videos:

You can use your iPhone 6 to make some amazing videos especially when you enable the 60 frames per second option. Doubling the FRP really makes a big difference in making videos. Your video would be upgraded from 30 directly to 60 and you will be able to see the mark different. To activate this awesome feature, you need to go to Settings and from there tap on Photos and camera option, lastly, toggle the Record Video at 60 FPs option to on.

Capture Slow Motion Videos:

iPhone 6 introduced the slow-motion feature in iPhones. You can easily use this feature. All you have to do is open the Camera app and then select the SLO-MO option. The option will be present at the bottom of the screen in the sliding wheel. Once done, then you can choose between 120 and 240 FRP.

Instantly Replying or Sending a Voice Message:

Sending a voice message was a complicated task with previous iPhone, but with refurbished iPhone 6 it has become a piece of cake. To record a message tap and hold the microphone icon that is located on the right side of the text field. Once you are done, swipe upwards and the message is sent.

Change Siri Pronunciation:

Apple now lets you change the way how Siri pronounces certain things. When Siri pronounces something wrong just say “That’s not how you pronounce that”. The Siri will then ask you for the correct pronunciation and give you a list of viable pronunciation option to select one. Choose the one you find the best.

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Top 4 Tricks of Samsung Galaxy A5


Time and again Samsung Galaxy Smartphone has come up with something amazing, yet affordable. Their new Galaxy A-series is an excellent line of phones. These phones offer the features and specs of every high-end phone, however, they are pretty affordable. People who own one of these masterpieces, we can bet they do not know about these top 5 tricks of Samsung galaxy A5.

SOS Messages:

If you are feeling down, or in trouble and you are unable to type or make a call, you can always activate this feature. It allows you to send a message alert to your desired contacts informing them that you are in distress.

All you have to do is enable this feature from the Settings, select the contacts that should receive the message and select the message. Once activated, now all you have to do is press the power button thrice in a row to send the alert. The message will be sent along with your location to that particular person.

Easy-use for Physically Challenged:

Samsung is working on making a phone for everyone, they have incorporated a number of features in A5, making a phone user-friendly even for the people who are physically challenged.

The Ultra Energy Saving Mode:

The battery has always been a problem in smartphones, but Samsung A5 comes with outstanding battery saving mode. The best part is that you are allowed to customize this ultra-energy-saving mode i.e. you are the one who decides which particular app should run in the background and which should be closed completely.

Vibration System for Notification:

A5 might not have the typical LED notification feature, but the phone comes with something better. The smart alert is a feature that causes your phone to vibrate when you pick it up and there is a text message or a missed call alert.

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Top 5 Secrets of Refurbished iPhone 5s 16GB


Apple’s iPhone 5s was said to be the fastest and the best mobile phone in the market. Despite the fact that it has been a couple of years since the phone was introduced, yet people are buying it. Its 4.0-inch display with a screen resolution of 640×1136 pixels, the phone is perfect for watching movies and dramas.

With 1 GB RAM and 1.3GHz dual-core process, iPhone 5s is the best device for playing heavy and high-resolution games. The phone is fast, thus most games run very smoothly on it. Refurbished iPhone 5s 16GB lets you take pictures.

Its 8-megapixel rear camera allows to you capture moments and save them for all eternity. Want more details on iPhone 5s, please check out Things those are better in Apple iPhone 5s than in iPhone 5- Review.

Since iPhone 5s offers a number of features, it is pretty difficult to know each and every one of them. To know your phone through and through, you would have to invest time and play around with it.

However, we have made your life easier. In the course of this article, we will be telling ou about top 10 secrets of refurbished iPhone 5s 16 GB. Without any further delay, let’s get started!


Charge your Phone Faster:


Apple offers fast charging, but you can increase the speed further by just a single tab. All you have to do is turn on the flight mode and your phone will get charged at almost double the speed.


Type in Web Address Quickly:


We understand how tiresome it is to type in a web address and send it to someone else. So, instead of typing everything from scratch, just tap and hold on the full stop button located at the bottom of your phone’s keyboard, a small pop-up menu will appear. This menu will have shortcut series of URL Suffixes.


Wants What Your iPhone Know About You:


Go to setting>Privacy>Location services>System services>frequent location. You will be amazed by the amount of information your phone has on it. You can know how much time you spent in those particular locations.


The Compass App Acts like a Toolbox Essential:


You don’t want the compass app on your home, so you have put it in a folder. We suggest you pull it back because it has a secret function that you will love. Swiping left in the compass app opens a digital bubble gauge that can tell if your shelf really is leveled.


Lock the Focus of the Camera:


Of course, everyone knows that tapping on the screen will set the camera’s point of focus, but it often loses its focus while the picture is taken. But not anymore, you need to tap and press on the screen for a second or two and AF locked box will appear. Now you can move your phone around and it won’t lose the focus.

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How to Save You Tube Videos to Watch Later on iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

How to Save You Tube Videos to Watch Later on iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

Both iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 are said to be the best mobiles Apple have ever come up with. They both offer speed, efficiency, and glass. With Apple iPhone 6 being slightly bigger than iPhone 5, people tend to like it more.

But this does not mean that iPhone 5 is less or not worth it in any way. With a 4 inch screen, the phone is pretty good for watching videos and playing games. Likewise, iPhone 6 with its 4.7-inch screen is excellent for gaming and watching movies. You can also check out the 5 best apps for iPhone 5 and 6 things to hate and love about iPhone 6.

If you are like us, who love to browse a lot of you tube videos and then save them for a later watch on your iPhone, you have come to the right place. In the course of this article, we will tell you about an effective way through which you can save you tube videos on your mobile phone and watch them whenever the mood strikes. You can watch videos that someone shared on twitter or WhatsApp.

This is not a problem, thanks to Vookmark, you can now bookmark web videos from anywhere you like. Then all you have to do is go back and watch it when you feel like. You get an extension for your browser, however, it offers an app for both Android as well as an iOS phone.

The app allows you to not only bookmark the video but also watch it later. First let’s learn how to save videos to Vookmark and later, we will tell you how to watch videos using it on your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.


How to Save Video to Vookmark:


  • The first step is that you download the app on your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.
  • Now, you need to create a free account. After that, you can easily save videos.
  • Since the Vookmark’s iOS app comes with a share sheet extension, so in order to use the app, you need to use the sheet extension.
  • Go to YouTube app or open YouTube on safari. Search for the video that you want to share, tap on the share button.
  • Now swipe from the middle row till the very end and then tap on more.
  • Enable Vookmark from here. Once done, you can save videos by tapping on the Vookmark icon in the share sheet.


How to Watch Videos on Apple iPhone 5 and 6:


Launch the app from your smartphone, you will be able to see a “Watch” list. Open the list and simply tap on the video that you want to watch. You can even make a video your favorite by tapping on the heart button. All your favorite videos are stored in the Favorite tab.

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Read About Best iPhone 6 Camera Tricks – Sell iPhone 6 for Cash.


Apple iPhone 6 is among the best Apple phones. The phone comes with a 4.7-inch display with a screen resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels. It might have come with iOS 8, but it is up gradable to iOS 10. The phone has 1 GB Ram and you can choose from wide variety of internal memory options.

It is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB. Apple iPhone 6 has 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front camera. The camera results are outstanding, we can tell you that via personal experience. If you are interested in learning more about the phone, please have a look at 6 Things to love and hate about Apple iPhone 6.

If you further want to enhance the outcome of your camera, then you are in the right place. Below we have listed the best camera tricks of Apple iPhone 6. We can assure you that you will love the camera more after knowing about all these amazing tricks.

Change Exposure Manually:

While taking a picture, not having proper light can darken some really important aspect of it. However, with the option of manually altering the exposure, this no longer is a problem. While taking a picture just tap on the area that you want to brighten, it can be the corner the side or the middle.

Timer Mode:


When taking a selfie, or group photo a timer can be your best friend. You can click the button and then get settled.  Set the timer to let’s say five seconds, tap the click button, settle yourself in 5 seconds and you are good to go.

Time lapse mode:

This is another cool feature, simply select this mode and your Apple iPhone 6’s camera will take a picture after a couple of seconds. Once you believe that you are done, press stop and then a video will be created should a time lapse of a moment you have just created.

Burst Mode:

Many times one tends to miss out some of the most amazing moments because they were too fast and taking one picture after the other wasn’t fast enough. However, with burst mode, you will not miss anything now. It can take multiple pictures in a space or second or less thus, it captures every moment for you.

Add filters to your Pictures:

We are sure you are aware of the filter icon that appears at the bottom while you are having a new picture, however, you can apply these filters even to an already taken picture. You need to go to gallery, from there, preview screen and then tap on edit. Now, you should tap on the same filter icon located at the bottom of the screen to choose your desired filter.

Quickly Gather all your Favorite Photos Together:

You take a lot of pictures, but not all are your favorites. If you want to separate your favorite from others, simply click on the heart icon located at the button of the screen while you are previewing that particular picture.

This picture will now be shown in the favorite album. Simply click on the album icon located at the bottom of your photo gallery, then open the folder named favorites and you will see the picture there.

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