Top ways to trade in or sell iPhone for cash

Top ways to trade in or sell iPhone for cash

So you are planning to buy new upcoming iPhone X Plus and want to sell your current iPhone 8 and you have paid a pretty handsome amount for it. In this blog, we will show you some best ways that can get you the most money for your old iPhone, whether it is an iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus or something even older model. By following these any of these ways you can sell your iPhone easily and get a good amount in return.

Sell the iPhone online

Sell your iPhone online is one of the best ways to sell and get good cash. Though selling online is a little risky but there are many trusted mobile phone sites available online who take your old phones and pay you a good amount of money for those phones.

Craigslist is one of those sites but the biggest problem here is finding the right customers. If you find the customer do this thing as mandatory, meet the buyer in a public place. Discuss over the phone, the payment agreement and other things prior to meeting in person.

If you like to use the internet, then listing your iPhone on eBay is a good option for you. You can get a good price for your iPhone. In fact, eBay is a better option for you rather than Craigslist. eBay provides its buyers purchase protection as well. The only downside of eBay is that it charges a sales fee for each item you sell.

Trade it in

Trading your iPhone is the least profitable option for you. You can trade in your device for cash, gift cards or store credits. Your iPhone gets more value if it is properly unlocked and Find My iPhone feature is deactivated. Below are some of the domains through which you can trade in your old iPhone.

– Apple’s Trade-up program

– Best Buy Trade in

– Nextworth

– Gazelle

Get some leaks from Apple’s latest incoming iPhones


How to Fix an iPad That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

How to Fix an iPad That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

How to Fix an iPad That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

If you own an iPad that won’t connect to Wi-Fi, you have reached the right place. Here you get a perfect solution to fix this common issue.

I am a die-hard fan of my beloved iPhone and can’t imagine a single minute without it. One day, I knew that I might miss being able to connect over the 3G network. What I did not expect was not being able to connect over Wi-Fi. It was a moment full of frustration and anger. Unfortunately, I am not alone with my Wi-Fi problems. Many iPad owners are reporting problems with Wi-Fi.

If like me, you are wondering what to do to fix it, then read on. I have done the research and come up with some different ways to fix the iPad Wi-Fi connection problems. Let’s take a look at them and rejoice your iPad experience!

  • Check If the Wi-Fi is Turned ON

Make sure the Wi-Fi is activated on your iPad. To do so, navigate to Settings App > Wi-Fi and then it on.

  • Move Closer to the Router

If you are not able to connect Wi-Fi on your iPad, you should move closer to the router. If you are too close to the router, your device will get the maximum signal strength to the Wi-Fi connection.

  • Verify the Password

You know you need to enter a password to connect a Wi-Fi network on your iPad. So, if your iPad is not getting connected with a Wi-Fi network, it is better to verify the password. Type the right password carefully and see if the Wi-Fi is connected on your device.

The Quick Fixes For an iPad That Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Now that you are sure that your iPad can connect to a Wi-Fi network and that your other devices can connect to your home network but the problem is that your iPad can not, then here are some quick fixes that you can perform to get your iPad working on your network. Take a look at these and try to fix your iPad that won’t connect to Wi-Fi!

  1. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Make sure the Airplane Mode is not activated on your iPad. To do this, access the Control Centre with the home button and then tap the Airplane icon to turn it off.

  1. Restart Your Wireless Router

If the issue persists, try this trick. Restart your wireless router by pulling out its power adapter from the router approximately 15 seconds and then plug it back in.

  1. Reset The Network Settings

You can also reset the network settings of your iPad to fix Wi-Fi issues. To do so, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

  1. Try to Connect Your Network Again and Again

If you are still experiencing the same issue, disconnect/reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. To do this, simply head to the Settings App > WIFI and then tap the “More Info” icon.  Next, tap the “Forget This Network” button to disconnect and then reconnect to the same network.

  1. Hard Reboot

Restart your iPad. Simply press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously for at least 15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears on the screen.

  1. Reset All Settings

If you are still unable to fix the issue, you may need to reset its all settings which will not affect your stored data. To reset iPad’s settings, tap the Settings App > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. It will set up your device as a new one.

Try one of the tricks mentioned above to resolve the Wi-Fi issues on your iPad. If it won’t still connect, then it may be broken. It’s better to sell your iPad to a top-rated mobile phone recycling comparison website and get a new one. By doing so, you can make the most money that you can use for buying a new iPad.

What are The Best Ways to Recycle iPhone 6?

Best Ways to Recycle iPhone 6

It is still not very long way back when mobile phone users were looking for best deals to trade-in their phones for iPhone 6. This Apple product has been the most powerful mobile phone, of its time and so popular that iPhone 6s, the next upgrade couldn’t beat the sale. But now iPhone users are switching over to latest and extraordinary featured products. Recycle iPhone 6 is very much in discussion these days.

Why Recycle iPhone 6?

Selling their iPhone 6 to purchase up models is definitely wiser approach instead of dumping it or keeping as a standby mobile. The later you are the loser you will. Even today iPhone lovers are there and you can recycle iPhone 6 comfortably for maximum cash.

Meanings of iPhone Recycling

Most of the mobile phone users are really not aware of different available means of disposing off their older mobiles, may it be iPhone or any other products. Soon you get a new mobile with more exciting features. You are normally so overwhelmed that you forget the cost of older one and the cash you could grab through hassle free deal. Opportunities and ways are there which gradually fade out.

Do you know a simple negligence effect? In the US alone the cost of unused/dumped consumer goods (more than 60% of which are older mobile sets) is approximately £10 billion. At your home also it will go on adding to dumped ‘unused goods’ whereas you have considerably best ways to recycle iPhone 6 or any mobile. Even if the glorious days of your iPhone are gone with wind you can still compress some pounds by following ways.

i) Recycle iPhone 6

Specifically for iPhone 6 which is yet not technically outdated mobile, recycling iPhone 6 is one of the best options to get back reasonably good amount you spent on its purchase. Recycle my mobile, as you may know, is a very simple procedure. There are so many recyclers available for online deals.

To recycle your iPhone 6, just go to the website of recycler but be watchful to contact best dealers who may be trustworthy. An unbiased and efficient recycler’s web page will immediately display the best deals available. You can go through Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison and pick the best offer for your mobile.

In the UK SellTheMobile is very well known as the best mobile phone recycling comparison provider. If you want to recycle your iPhone 6 in the UK just go to this site and enter ‘Apple iPhone 6’ (plus GB) in the search bar. The next moment best offers from most reputed companies, indicating cash delivery time on your screen. The decision is always yours but with Sell The Mobile you have a peace of mind that your maximum benefit is guaranteed.  End of the deal will be handsome cash in your hands.

ii) Refurbishing

If you are an ardent lover of your iPhone 6 because of any good reason and you can’t think of ditching it anyway, you may recycle your iPhone 6. This will not only let you continue enjoying your romance with iPhone 6 but will give a new life to your mobile.

Apple can be contacted or again any smart recycler can be requested to extend refurbishing services. In fact, all they do is a thorough investigation and fixing of existing operational troubles in the set and also giving the set glazing look. The deal is always cost effective as the basic features remain unchanged. For those who wish to keep iPhone 6 as standby mobile in operationally useful condition, refurbishing is a good and ultimate answer.

iii) Sell it to Apple

Apple has a ‘Reuse & Recycle ‘program. To recycle your iPhone 6 this one is another good option. Cash offer depends obviously on the overall condition of your iPhone but most probably the set will be accepted even if it’s a bit broken. Why will Apple purchase a broken iPhone 6? Probably refurbishing and re-selling may be the answer but at least you can get rid of your mobile for some cash.

iv) Exchange for New

Many mobile companies offer new mobile free exchanging with your older mobile you intend to recycle. This offer is though on around two year’s contract basis but it’s good to consider if you intend to recycle your iPhone 6. Not only that you get a new mobile for the immediate little amount but also despatch back the older iPhone etc. for reasonable value adjustment.

For example: after the launch of iPhone 6, several mobile carriers offered a free new 16GB base model iPhone 6 in exchange of certain models for iPhone 4 etc. So this is also a good way to recycle your iPhone 6.

v) Apple’s Gift Card

Apple has another way to help you recycle your iPhone 6.  This is however good for iPhone 6 set which is not in very good condition. When you take your mobile to Apple’s nearby retail store, the salesman will determine the value Apple may offer you. If that sounds reasonable you can quickly receive cash and enjoy a safe deal.

vi) Cash or Card

If for any reason you are afraid not to get a bid from any reseller/recycler, companies are there to accept your iPhone 6. Depending on the condition of iPhone 6, trade in value may be offered in the form of the gift card in return. Data for most of trade-ins are available on their websites to help you have an idea of the value of your mobile set. Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison can be made to sell your phone which is better than un-necessarily holding the set.

Once you say ‘Recycle my iPhone 6’, all these options as the best ways to recycle will always be open to you. emphasizes the need to recycle your iPhone 6 or any of your electronic gadgets to reduce electronic junk. Last but not the least to keep recycle your iPhone 6, you may donate it to less privileged beings around you thereby contributing to social service.


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Sell Broken iPhone & Get Fast Cash – SellTheMobile

Sell Broken iPhone Through SellTheMobile and Get Fast Cash

If you are a smartphone lover, you would understand how it feels when a new phone comes out, and your one-year-old phone suddenly starts feeling like its obsolete – and perhaps it is!

With new phones coming out every year from big shots like Apple and Samsung, it is only natural that older phones suddenly drop in prices. A phone that cost £800 one year could suddenly have dropped to £300 in the used phone market, and it is indeed sell your broken iPhone for that meager price.

Matters become even worse when you have an iPhone with a cracked screen! Oh, no. Should you invest in a new screen that will be nowhere near cheap, or should you just sell the phone because it is not worth investing in anymore? If you want to sell your broken iPhone, the good news is that all is not lost!

How to Sell Broken iPhone?

We all know iPhones are notorious for breaking quickly; you drop it once and there goes the screen. Clearly, this means that your phone is not even a quarter of the price you purchased for, right? Wrong! In fact, you can sell even a broken iPhone for a great price.

This seems unbelievable, and local markets won’t do this for you, but recyclers and refurbishes will! All you need to do is find a reliable recycler online and look at the deals offered by them. You will find that these prices will be better than those offered to you by individual buyers or local markets!

Why Should You Sell Broken iPhone to Recycling Companies?

While you might think a broken iPhone is useless and will not make any money for you, there are companies out there that are willing to pay great amounts of money for it! You can sell your broken iPhone to these recycling companies, which either refurbish your phone and resell it, or use original parts to repair other phones. This way, they have high profit margins, which is why they are also willing to pay good prices for buying them.

How to Sell to Recyclers Online?

When you want to sell broken iPhone to recyclers online, it is extremely important to ensure that you find a reliable buyer who will not scam you out of your money. For this, it is essential to find a selling platform that brings together only the most reliable buyers.

One such platform is SellTheMobile, which makes sure that you have a list of the most reliable recycling companies and that you see the best deals, without any prejudice and bias. All you need to do is visit the website and search for your phone. You will then be able to choose the best deal. The best part is that you can finalize the deal and you can get the cash on the same day!

So, if you want to sell broken iPhone but are worried you will lose money on it, don’t worry. You can sell your broken iPhone for a decent price today!


How to Sell your Phone at Good Price?

sell your Phone, sell My Phone, Mobile Phone Recycling,

What is Mobile Phone Recycling?

Smartphone recycling directly refers to recycle or sell your Phone using an online medium or at a physical shop offering such services. Since phone recycling industry has expanded extremely, customers can easily find best places to sell old iPhone or a used smartphone at a good price. When someone recycles a phone, he is not only helping the environment but also gets a chance to earn some real cash to upgrade his smartphone.

The devices which are unable to reshape in working condition are broken down to use their metal and other parts into new products that can be jewelry and range of other mobile products. But it doesn’t mean that your phones possess no value. Never forget to claim your cash when you are trading in to recycle a used phone.


What are the Advantages to Recycle Mobile Phone?

Recycling a smartphone also comes with various advantages and the top advantage is; you can expect a handsome return on your investment. For instance, if you have a used iPhone in good condition, you can sell your device at an attractive price.  Currently, various iPhone and Android mobile recycling company is working which is offering competitive prices with multiple sell your Phone deals online.

What Does a Phone Recycling Company Do?

Many people take phone recycling only as selling purposes whereas basically, smartphone recycling program involves a lot of skills and craft to combine the parts of two different devices. One method of recycling is to use the parts of a dead phone in a working phone to improve its functionality.

There can be a little disorder as well that can be replaced by installing relevant hardware. Rebuilt phones are sent back to the main store at a reasonable price to sell my mobile. The second method of smartphone recycling is to obtain different metals using meltdown technique. But now a day, the first method is most popular that return a fair price to the seller too.

What is the Best Place to Recycle Old iPhone?

Various phone recycling companies are working in the UK which offers a fair Phone recycling deal to buy your phone but still, you need a medium where you can easily approach one of the top smartphone recycling companies near you.

Customers seek a trustworthy website where they are satisfied to get a good return on their device with a swift transaction. is number 1 place that redirects you to the top phone recycling companies in the UK. If you want to sell your used iPhone or an Android phone, visit this site that will not deprive you.

How to Sell your Phone at the Best Price?

Recycling companies offer a good price to sell your phone come in well condition. If you have a smartphone in perfect shape, and looking to buy a new one, you can expect a competitive price. Instead of selling your phone directly to the company use above mentioned medium that will cost you nothing but provides you a reliable space to approach the no 1 smartphone recycling companies in the UK.

Do Mobile Phone Recycling Companies are Reliable?

Yes, there is a little chance when you can be scammed up, but if you are sell your phone at a top-rated company, risks of losing money, or a heavy deduction is mere. It is far better if you check the user feedback of that specific recycling company. Through this way, you can perceive a clear image of the company that will help you to take the final step ultimately.

Whether it is a service provider, individual seller, or retailers, or manufacturers, sell old iPhone or recycling has turned into a massive industry that is providing benefits on both edges. Mobile Phone recycling is not only easy but also a quick way to get an instant cash that is beneficial for buyer and seller both.

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Sell iPhone 7 Online and Get Paid the Same Day

Sell iPhone 7

Did you buy an iPhone 7 last year but have now made the decision to sell it? If yes, you are not alone. Even though the iPhone is only a little over a year old, the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, along with the competitors Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, the iPhone 7 has quickly become outdated and there are many who are trying to sell iPhone 7. However, since the release of the newer phones, iPhone 7 is now only being sold for a couple of hundred pounds! If you want to sell iPhone 7, we suggest the best place would be to sell it online.

While many people can be doubtful to sell iPhone 7 online. Actually it is one of the safest and the fastest methods to compare iPhone 7 recycling price, get the best deal and sell it. In fact, it also pays the very same day! If you are confused about this concept, here are a few frequently asked questions about selling iPhone online:

Where Can I Sell My iPhone 7 Online?

There are many mobile phone recycling companies that buy or recycle iPhone 7 and are willing to pay you a decent amount for your phone. Because iPhone 7 is fairly recent, you should not compromise on the amount of money you can get for it, that’s why you should rely on a versatile price comparison site like SellTheMobile. This will show you all the top mobile phone recycling companies to whom you can sell iPhone 7, and will then take you to the website of the recycling company that you choose to sell your phone.

How to Recycle iPhone 7?

Recycling is not all that different from selling – the only difference is in who you sell to. When you sell iPhone 7 to a mobile phone recycling company, they will use the device to repair or refurbish it, or take it apart.Sell Your iPhone 7

Is It Safe to Sell iPhone 7 Online?

Yes, why not. The key is to find a trusted mobile phone recycling price comparison site like SellTheMobile, which only includes reliable buyers, thus ensuring that you will get your money and also get the best possible deal to sell iPhone 7 online.

How Do I Know the Buyer is Reliable? provides reviews for individual buyers, but it also makes sure that only recycling companies that have given customers positive experiences in the past are included here and you can sell your iPhone 7 with great confidence.

Will I Get Paid on Time?

Yes, you will get paid on time. With the mobile phone recycling companies listed, you can get paid as soon as possible. You can get your payment on the same day as well! The selling process itself only takes about a few minutes and payment can be made within 1-2 days depending on the deal. So you can sell your iPhone 7 to get paid on the same day.

How Do I Know I am Getting the Best Price?

SellTheMobile provides the iPhone 7 recycling price comparison and a top price guarantee, which means that if you find a competitor offering a genuine deal with a better price, this price will be matched and you will get the top price in either case. The process is, therefore, simple and reliable, and is the best way to make sure you sell your iPhone 7 with the best price!

Mobile Phone Recycling That Pays You Cash for Old Mobiles


Sell Your Old Phone

They might be completely junky or quiet in good shape, but no problem what, you should not ever just throw an old mobile phone in the trash.

For one thing, there are lots of poisons inside these devices that can extremely hurt the environment if they end up in a landfill, and for additional, throwing away even a broken iPhone is essentially throwing away money! If you distinguish what you’re doing, you can either sell your old iPhone for cash or donate them to a moral cause.

Deals for Cold, Hard Cash

Numerous retailers bargain trade-in tactics that give you cash for your old mobile phone. Trade-In program permits you to give-and-take old phones and more for a gift card, Amazon will pay you for your old device, Best Buy lets you to exchange in-store or by mail for gift cards on the way to your trade up, and if you send in your old Apple iPhones to Apple’s Recycling Program and they’re quiet worth somewhat, you’ll catch a gift card with that sum to use towards future Apple buying.

One more mobile phone recycler offering cash for old iPhones, which will take the whole thing from old Samsung Galaxy Mobiles and some other smartphones and tablets. Just carry them in, and you’ll catch a quote that you can put just before the purchase of somewhat new at, carry out in cash.

If You Want to Sell Your iPhone, Head to Craigslist, Amazon or eBay

If your device is quiet in decent working order and you need to get a nice chunk cash of it, your finest bet is to sell it on Craigslist, Amazon, SellTheMobile or eBay.

There are pros and cons to all of these sites: Craigslist is hyper-local and might require you to meet face-to-face with potential buyers. Whereas eBay and Amazon are worldwide but take a share of your profits and can be complex to navigate. If you can’t choose between the two, you don’t have to. We indorse posting your items on these sites and selling it to your finest offer. But SellTheMobile neither charge you nor take any commission. It also provide you the price comparison from top recyclers.

Even older, exhausted items can fetch you a pretty cash. The price of used mobile phones differs greatly depending on condition, age, and present market price, but it is typically worth inspecting.

If you need to get the maximum price for your old mobile, you will at all times do finest by selling yourself. Searching the eBay “completed listings” for comparable items will give you a decent idea of the present market price.Recycle Your Old Phone

For Stress Free Deals, Use SellTheMobile

For some, relaxed, risk-free selling offsets the need to get the complete best price, and for those, the finest option is a direct-buy old mobiles recycling site like SellTheMobile. On this site you make the search about model of phones, tabs, and more to catch a price offer. After they obtain your item, they assess it and send payment. Even if your item has no selling price, you might be able to get a mail-in tag to recycle it.

Contribute Your Old Devices To a Cause You Care About

Did you know some assaulted women’s shelters use contributed phones to keep women safe from domestic ferocity? Or that numerous schools, churches and non-profits are in terrible need of neat tablets, laptops and mobile phones? If you’ve got some electronics to get rid of and famine to help make the world a superior place, deliberate donating to one of these causes:

  1. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  2. The World Computer Exchange
  3. Computers with Causes
  4. Purple Heart Pickup
  5. Recycle for Breast Cancer
  6. The Make-A-Wish Foundation

If you’d like to make a more native donation, call up particular schools, shelters and non-profits in your zone; numerous of them likely take old mobile phones as donations, and you’ll be straight helping the community everywhere you.

If It’s Wrecked or Just Too Old to Sell or Donate, Dispose of It Carefully

Most mobile phone recyclers offer free recycling services for devices that aren’t harmless to toss in a landfill. There are likewise recycling cabins inside each store where you can drop off old batteries, ink and toner containers, wires, cords and cables. Old phones, tablets and laptops can be carried to the Customer Service desk where they will be recycled securely.

Bonus Tip: Back Up Your Data, Then Erase the Whole Thing

If you’re forecasting donating or want to recycle old mobile phones for cash, it’s vital you take some time to recover any significant stuff, like photos, passwords, contacts and music that you need to keep. Once you’ve backed up entirely this info or transferred it to your new devices, wipe the old ones fully clean.

You don’t need the new holder of your old phone to be capable to see all the strange selfies you take in the bathroom at work, and you REALLY don’t hunger somebody to have relaxed access to your bank or social media accounts.

Most persons save a lot of complex information on their phones, tablets and computers that could get them into trouble if it fell into the wrong hands. Protect your identity (and your dignity) by erasing the whole thing on your old devices afore you hand them off.