Top 4 VPN Apps for Your Refurbished iPhone 5S


At this very moment, some of you might be wondering, why on earth do we need VPNs when we have iPhone? Reason being, the phone is famous for its outstanding security strength, it is way better as compared to its competitor Android.

To end your dilemma, you need to understand that cybercrime is getting worse every passing day. A new and stronger virus hits the World Wide Web, and it has become imperative to take precautionary measure in order to protect yourself from them.

You might be using a refurbished iPhone 5S, but it does not mean you are not prone to the dangers of the World Wide Web. The best way to go about is to download a good VPN app on your refurbished iPhone 5S.


Top 4 VPN Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5S:


Below we have listed the top 4 VPNS app for your Smartphone.



Anyone who knows about VPN would be familiar with TunnelBear. It is an excellent and outstanding VPN app for your phone, the best thing is that TunnelBear is for free. Its user-friendly interface, efficiency, and simplicity are the reason behind its huge success. With TunnelBear you can use up to 500Mbps without any cost.


CyberGhost VPN:

Another excellent app for your refurbished iPhone 5S, it is said to be the leading service providers in its respective domain. If you are searching for a free VPN services app, we suggest you should download and install CyberGhost VPN on your iPhone. You will fall in love with the app. It is easy to use, fast and efficient.

With CyberGhost it is very easy to mask your real IP, making it very difficult for the trackers to follow you. The app ensures that you are safe online and for that, it supports a number of tunneling protocols. However, there is a string attached, when you are using the Free version, you are going to get disconnected after every three hours. If you can live with that, we suggest you download the app right away.


Spotflux Free VPN:

Another free VPN app that is meant to keep you safe over the internet. Spotflux Free VPN will become your digital anonymizer, it will let you hide your true identity over the internet, thus protecting you against any potential threat.

All your mobile data and traffic is secured via sophisticated encryption. With Spotflux you can customize your VPN application, and it is best for your iPhone security as it comes with anti-malware filters.


Hotspot Shield:

This is our favorite free VPN app. It is simple, elegant and easy to use. The app lets you choose the country for your IP address. The app has managed to stay afloat despite so much competition. It is said to be one of the best VPN apps available for not only your refurbished iPhone but also computers and Androids.

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Amazing All in One Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C


How to Restore Deleted Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C?


With the growing technology, things have changed. Phones that were once used only for communication can do multi-tasking now.  There are numerous mobile manufacturers, Apple being on top. Apple introduced iPhone 5C to compete with less expensive Android, and it seems the idea worked.

Despite the fact that the phone was launched a few years ago, it still is in demand. A refurbished iPhone 5C will cost you even less. They deal with all kinds refurbished and used smartphones. They competitive prices are something that makes them stand out among their competitors.

The phone comes with a 4.0-inch display screen, 1.3GHz processor, and 1 GB RAM. It is fast, efficient and classy.  To further improve and enhance your iPhone experience, Apple has introduced iCloud.

This online data storage has made a lot of things easier especially the management of the apps that you download on your refurbished iPhone 5C. Remember the time, when you might not be able to retrieve an app that you accidentally deleted.

You had to rely either on the iTunes backup, which many don’t make, or buy the app again. Costing you some extra pounds, but not anymore. With the introduction of iCloud, you can delete your app as many times as you want and you will get it again no time.

If you accidentally delete an app, the first thing that you need to do is DON’T panic, as this will be of very little help. We can assure you that you will get your app right back without any hassle or worry. Deleting and Retrieving apps have become something very normal.


How to Delete an App?

Since deleting an app on iPhone is very easy, therefore, you are bound to accidentally delete something that you love.

  1. To delete an app, first, you need to tap on it and press till all the app icons start to jiggle.
  2. A small x appearing at the right corner of each icon, tap on that.
  3. You will be asked if you want to delete the app, tap on delete to continue.
  4. The app will be deleted.


How to Retrieve a Deleted app on your Refurbished iPhone 5C?

Once the app is gone, it is time to retrieve it. But how? The good news is that everything on your phone is stored on iCloud automatically. Of course, if you manually stop this backup option, then there is going to be nothing there. But by default, refurbished iPhone 5C comes with the option of backing up your data on iCloud storage.

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is launch App Store.

Step 2: From the menu at the bottom, you have to tap on Updates and then on Purchased.

Step 3: Look for the Not on This iPhone option. It must be present in the menu at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Search for the app that you deleted, but now want to reinstall.  To start the installation process, simply tap on the cloud icon. That is, it! You are good to go now.

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How to Bring your Photos on your Refurbished iPhone 5C Using Siri?


iPhone 5C is one of the best and cost-effective smartphones of Apple. It comes with a 4.00-inch display having a screen resolution 640 pixels x 1136 pixels. The phone is fast due to its 1.3GHz processor and 1GB RAM.

It is also perfect for taking pictures because of its outstanding camera. The phone comes with almost all features of a high-end iPhone, but it is slightly less expensive as compared to other Phones. The phone comes with a plastic back cover, but it does not mean it looks cheap, on the contrary, it looks smart and elegant.

Apple’s intelligent voice assistant named as Siri is something to behold. There are a number of things that Siri can do including sending a text for you, making a call for you and much more. If you are interested in knowing more about the things Siri can do, you can always check out our articles

  1. How to make Siri Read Webpages, Articles, Email on your Refurbished iPhone 5C
  2. Use Siri to enable Low Power Mode on your Refurbished iPhone 5C


Since Siri religiously fulfills your every command, therefore you should not miss any chance of taking advantage of this wonderful software. We already told you a number of things, that Siri can do, now we will tell you how you can use Siri to bring forward your photos on your refurbished iPhone 5C 16GB. So, let’s get started!


How to Bring your Photos on your Refurbished iPhone 5C using Siri:

If you want to see your pictures that you look on your last vacation, all you have to do is order Siri to show you the photos of that particular locations. For instance, Say, Siri show me photos from London. All your photos that were taken in London will come forward. But remember, your location setting might be on at the time you were taking these pictures, as only then will Siri know the location.

To further cut down the search, you can always tell Siri to show you pictures from London, but of last week. Just Say, Sir Show me photos from London from last week. Boom, Siri will show only those pictures that you took is London but a week before.

Likewise, if you further want to cut down the search, you can tell this amazingly smart assistant to show you pictures that you have taken on a particular day. For example, tell Siri to show you pictures that you took on 5/24/2017. Or you can even tell Siri to bring forward the pictures that you took back in November 2014.

We are sure you would simply love it. Siri is perhaps the best virtual assistant so far. To use Siri, you need to have an iPhone, and you can always sell your used iPhone for Cash on “Sell The Mobile”. These people are the best when it comes to selling used and refurbished smartphones.