Top 10 Football Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C


iPhone 5C is said to be one of the best iPhones, but it just is cost-effective. The phone comes with a 4.00 display screen making it possible for you to enjoy playing and watching videos. It has 1GB RAM and 1.3GHz processor, so the phone is fast and efficient.

Despite it being less expensive, the phone is still out of many people’s budget, however, if they buy refurbished iPhone 5C, we are sure they can save some and still enjoy the perks of iPhone.

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Since the phone is perfect for playing games, today we are going to tell you about the top 10 football apps for your refurbished iPhone 5C. Since football is a famous game and everyone is in love with it, most of you are going to enjoy this article.



The best iOS soccer game, you can make your own team, manage it. There are real time players, more than 30 leagues and you can join any league to compete with your friends.

Soccer Star Legend World:

The game comes with pretty decent graphics, you save your best moves and share it with friends.


Dream League Soccer:

You can not only build your own team but if you put in the right kind of effort and energy, the game lets you build your own stadium. How cool is that!


Soccer Stars:

It lets you challenge people around the world, it might not have the best graphics, but it still is something worth a shot.


Score! Hero:

It comes with 3D graphics and amazing animations. You play with a smart AI that adapts according to your level.


Final Kick:

Another cool app for your refurbished iPhone 5C that lets you test your kicking skills. You can even reply the shot to learn from your previous mistakes. You can play with online players as well as enjoy 20 offline tournaments.


Top Eleven:

You can become the best soccer manager with this amazing came, you can bid on players, win cups and even challenge other managers.


Head Soccer:

You can play it with other players via Bluetooth or enjoy the 4 offline modes of the game.


New Star Soccer:

It is easy to adapt the game, you start with lower leagues, but with time and practice to climb the ladder.


Supper Ball Juggling:

You can juggle the balls many much as you like with Supper Ball Juggling on your refurbished iPhone 5C.


Football Guy’nor:

An excellent app for your refurbished iPhone 5C, it can buy and sell teams, choose them from the top European league and batch of other things. You sure will fall in love with this app.

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